Importance of Regular Car Maintenance

Importance of Regular Car Maintenance

There are so many reasons why you should maintain your car regularly most of which are positive. Regular car maintenance not only ensures the maximum performance of your car. A small defect may seem irrelevant at the start, but it can become a major problem, in turn, increasing the maintenance costs.

Reasons why you should maintain your car regularly

Increase safety

Most of us are aware that the condition of a car determshfgshdgfhsgfsines the safety of any drive. If the car fails to run properly, safety risk of the car occupants as well as those on the road increases.

For example, if the tires are not properly inflated, your chances of getting a flat tire is high. Therefore, to prevent any accident when on the road, you should ensure that the car is regularly inspected for any faults which can undermine your safety when driving.

Improve fuel economy and boost performance

This is one of the reasons why car maintenance is very important. A well-maintained car performs impeccably and runs better. Failing to follow the set oil change schedule prevents the car from running normally. This is because engine oil lubricates the internal parts of the engine helping the car to run smoothly. Regular oil change also lowers the car’s maintenance cost.

Also, regular car maintenance improves fuel economy. This is because a well-maintained car runs better and is more fuel efficient. With the high increase rate of gas prices, car maintenance will save you lots of money you could have spent on fuel. Always check the fuel lines, tire pressure and change the filters as per the recommendation by the manufacturer.

Prolongs the car’s lifenbfnvbcnvbcxnvspan

The main aim of maintaining a car regularly is to prevent major car problems rather than repair. Checking the light, tire pressure, the level of fluid, battery and brakes regularly not
only ensures safety when driving but also prolongs the lifespan of the car.

This means that the car will last longer, and it will operate better. In addition to extending the lifespan of your car, the sale value of a well-maintained car is way higher meaning you will get a better return on investment you decide to sell the car.…

Paint correction machine and services

Paint correction machine and services

Why do you require automotive paint correction machine? If you own a car and use it on a regular basis, you must be aware of what environmental challenges your car paint has to face : dust, road grime, tar, bird muck, people brushing against your car with their baggage, poor polishing techniques, and car washes. Swirl marks, light scratches, water spots and other marring can reduce not only appearance of the car, but also it’s value over the time. That is when you require a paint correction machine, which is basically a ‘cut or buff’ machine that permanently removes all swirl marks, scuffs, chalky paint and other imperfections and restores the glossy shine of your car which it flaunted the day it left the factory.

If you are looking for a quality finish of your car paint, you must find the best automotive paint correcting machine. The machine helps you achieve a complete transformation of the paintwork of your car. Paint correction machine makes use of an abrasive compound to polish and resurface the topmost layer of the paint.

How can you find the best automotive paint correcting machine?

1. A knowledge of the paint defects

hjsdsdi7sdjhsdFirst of all, you must see what type of paint correction would suit your purpose. That requires a basic knowledge of the paint defects that occur. Then you could find the best automotive paint correcting machine for your vehicle. The paint correcting machine is best for you if it can remove the paint defects which you want to be removed. There are auto detailers who can get those marks fixed. There are three layers of the paint : the base coat, the clear coat and the primer coat. The scratches and damages are mainly on the clear coat which is the top layer of the paint. The clear coat then wears out and the base coat then becomes exposed to damage. The problem must be solved before that.

2. Factors to consider before choosing a paint correction service

The paint correction process requires two things: time and expertise. When you go for paint correction services, the professionals inspect your automobile and evaluate the condition and thickness of the paintwork, thus offering you their recommendation and quotation. For best automobile paint correction services, go for only those who hold experience in the field and those who cater you with information regarding time and cost for the paint correction work. Also, consult other customers who have availed the services earlier for reviews.

To find the best automotive paint correction machine , you must know that the process of paint correction requires a great amount of concentration and skill. The machine would transform the entire look of your car by dealing with the damages. You must see to it that the company uses specialist lighting, that imitates sunlight, to look into all of the paint damages and ensure that they focus on every area of the automobile and get it removed.

3. Use of good quality polishers and abrasives

hgsdhgsu67ssMost of the work is done with rotary polishers in the machine to achieve the best quality correction. Paint correction machine makes use of a combination of varying grades of cleansers and polishing compounds. A good paint correction machine requires good quality polish, abrasives and polishing equipment to renovate the paintwork of your car.

Use of good quality polishing compounds are important as they are effective on nearly all kinds of coatings, the clear coat as well as ceramic coat. The polishing equipment and compounds thus used must be of good quality and preferably, imported ones. Besides that, the process of polishing would require meticulous control and vigorous reinspection by the professionals using specialist lamps and gauges.

4. Preparation before correction process

Proper preparation before the correction process is a must. It is a key to successful results. For this, you must get your car or vehicle snow foamed so that it can dissolve all the grime and dirt. Then you must get it de waxed so that any old polishes or waxes that are concealing more paint defects may vanish. The next process is the decontamination process which removes road tar and other dust from tree and tram. This is a time-consuming process but yields great results.

5. After the process

sdsdusdhsssIf the work is completed professionally, it will last for years. This professional completion requires that after the renewing of paint is done, the company must look into the exterior of the car, and coat a protection to the paint, which may be done using carnauba wax or any other coating of your choice. This would keep your car glossy for a long time and make it easy for to wash your car.

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Do’s and Dont’s of Waxing Car Windows

With proper care and maintenance, you can preserve the value of your car for much longer.


Most car owners will agree with me that waxing your car is one of the best ways to keep it looking shiny and impressive over the years.

This also applies when it comes to your car windows and windshields.

Many people tend to ignore them when waxing probably because they adds a few more minutes, but have you ever noticed how perfect a car looks with clear windows?

To bring out the beauty in your car windows and make them clean and reflecting, you will also need to wax them.

Follow through for the do’s and don’ts of waxing your car windows.

  • The do’s

fx-1208273_6401. Always begin by washing your car thoroughly to remove any dirt – You should always use mild soap and water to clean and dry any part of your car, including the windows, before you begin waxing.

This is because wax tends to have a hard time adhering to dirt and even moisture.

2. When applying the wax product, only use a microfiber wash cloth – Keeping in mind that you are dealing with fragile objects, you will want to use something gentle to wax them.

A microfiber wash cloth will enable you to bring out all the gloss on your car windows without causing a single scratch on them.

It is the most preferred also when it comes to removing the swirl marks that tend to remain after waxing.

3. Use either liquid wax or paste wax – Though this ones may be a little bit expensive, they are the best wax products for car windows.

It is very easy to apply them without using much pressure.

4. Double wax your car windows for every gloss and shine – This is recommended by professionals for a deep, enduring finish.

You can begin with a synthetic wax and buff it up for extra shine.

Wipe this away, apply a final layer of your preferred wax and then polish.

  • The don’tscar-49278_640

1. Don’t apply the wax product immediately after cleaning your car windows – Before you begin waxing, you should make sure that your car windows are dry.

To achieve this, you can use a soft wash cloth to dry them thoroughly after cleaning.

2. Don’t wax in direct sunlight – Its always best to wax your car out of direct sunlight since wax dries instantly as soon as you apply it, making it very difficult to buffer.

The sun also heats up the car windows leaving a waxy residue that becomes very difficult to remove.…