Importance of Regular Car Maintenance

Importance of Regular Car Maintenance

There are so many reasons why you should maintain your car regularly most of which are positive. Regular car maintenance not only ensures the maximum performance of your car. You can visit this website to learn more about taking care of your car. A small defect may seem irrelevant at the start, but it can become a major problem, in turn, increasing the maintenance costs.

Reasons why you should maintain your car regularly

Increase safety

Most of us are aware that the condition of a car determshfgshdgfhsgfsines the safety of any drive. If the car fails to run properly, safety risk of the car occupants as well as those on the road increases.

For example, if the tires are not properly inflated, your chances of getting a flat tire is high. Therefore, to prevent any accident when on the road, you should ensure that the car is regularly inspected for any faults which can undermine your safety when driving.

Improve fuel economy and boost performance

This is one of the reasons why car maintenance is very important. A well-maintained car performs impeccably and runs better. Failing to follow the set oil change schedule prevents the car from running normally. This is because engine oil lubricates the internal parts of the engine helping the car to run smoothly. Regular oil change also lowers the car’s maintenance cost.

Also, regular car maintenance improves fuel economy. This is because a well-maintained car runs better and is more fuel efficient. With the high increase rate of gas prices, car maintenance will save you lots of money you could have spent on fuel. Always check the fuel lines, tire pressure and change the filters as per the recommendation by the manufacturer.

Prolongs the car’s lifenbfnvbcnvbcxnvspan

The main aim of maintaining a car regularly is to prevent major car problems rather than repair. Checking the light, tire pressure, the level of fluid, battery and brakes regularly not
only ensures safety when driving but also prolongs the lifespan of the car.

This means that the car will last longer, and it will operate better. In addition to extending the lifespan of your car, the sale value of a well-maintained car is way higher meaning you will get a better return on investment you decide to sell the car.…

Ken Shafer Auto- The Leading Vehicle Repairer

Shafer Auto is committed to bringing back your car to original condition with genuine parts. The highly trained technicians equipped with specialist equipment provide you with excellent auto service.


Why choose Ken Shaffer auto repair services?

What makes Ken Shaffer unique from other auto body repairers? This auto body repair qpkllmmbbvgservices provide their customers with the right facility, right equipment, right parts and right people.

State-of-the-art facility: Shaffer auto repair services provide the customers with a 46 bay parking facility with easy-to-access administration complexes. Moreover, the direct glass view from the reception area to workshop allows the customers to see their vehicles being repaired.

Genuine parts

Ken Shafer auto body use high-quality genuine parts that meet the standards of the car manufacturers. Each part has passed strict quality tests to ensure that the vehicle remains safe and reliable as the manufacturer intended it. Also, the Shaffer auto parts are manufactured to the stringent standards to have precise fit just like the manufacturer’s parts. Moreover, these parts come with a warranty. It is important to note that imitation parts compromise your vehicle, and void your new vehicles warranty.

The right equipment

Shafer auto body uses state-of-the-art equipment that meets the strict standards of the auto industry. With the sophisticated equipment, the customers are assured of getting excellent auto repair service.

Highly skilled personnel

The highly qualified administrators and technicians have advanced training to ensure that repair work is done with utmost commitment and precision. The technicians are duly licensed and insured to perform the vehicle repairs. In this case, you are sure that vehicle

Land Rover Smash Repairs

whpllklklklkKen Shafer auto body is the number one smash repair for your land rover vehicles. You will be provided with a personal advisor who is committed to the repair of your vehicle.

Shafer auto body is the appointed Land Rover for paint and body repairs. This auto body service has been appointed the Land Rover repairer for these reasons.

  • Excellent customer facility with secure and safe parking
  • State-of-the-art workshop
  • New genuine parts
  • Trained staff who follow stringent manufacturer standards
  • Jaguar smash repairs

Shaffer auto body is the leading repairer for your Jaguar vehicles. The highly trained and experienced staff will attend to your car upon arrival to the workshop. Moreover, you guaranteed of getting genuine parts for your Jaguar vehicle.…

Do’s and Dont’s of Waxing Car Windows

With proper care and maintenance, you can preserve the value of your car for much longer.


Most car owners will agree with me that waxing your car is one of the best ways to keep it looking shiny and impressive over the years.

This also applies when it comes to your car windows and windshields.

Many people tend to ignore them when waxing probably because they adds a few more minutes, but have you ever noticed how perfect a car looks with clear windows?

To bring out the beauty in your car windows and make them clean and reflecting, you will also need to wax them.

Follow through for the do’s and don’ts of waxing your car windows.

  • The do’s

fx-1208273_6401. Always begin by washing your car thoroughly to remove any dirt – You should always use mild soap and water to clean and dry any part of your car, including the windows, before you begin waxing.

This is because wax tends to have a hard time adhering to dirt and even moisture.

2. When applying the wax product, only use a microfiber wash cloth – Keeping in mind that you are dealing with fragile objects, you will want to use something gentle to wax them.

A microfiber wash cloth will enable you to bring out all the gloss on your car windows without causing a single scratch on them.

It is the most preferred also when it comes to removing the swirl marks that tend to remain after waxing.

3. Use either liquid wax or paste wax – Though this ones may be a little bit expensive, they are the best wax products for car windows.

It is very easy to apply them without using much pressure.

4. Double wax your car windows for every gloss and shine – This is recommended by professionals for a deep, enduring finish.

You can begin with a synthetic wax and buff it up for extra shine.

Wipe this away, apply a final layer of your preferred wax and then polish.

  • The don’tscar-49278_640

1. Don’t apply the wax product immediately after cleaning your car windows – Before you begin waxing, you should make sure that your car windows are dry.

To achieve this, you can use a soft wash cloth to dry them thoroughly after cleaning.

2. Don’t wax in direct sunlight – Its always best to wax your car out of direct sunlight since wax dries instantly as soon as you apply it, making it very difficult to buffer.

The sun also heats up the car windows leaving a waxy residue that becomes very difficult to remove.…

Choose The Right Car To Drive

There are a number of considerations that have to be put in place when one wants to purchase a car.


All these factors have to be weighed appropriately before I consider what car is right for me.

A little online research and planning is good before for a final decision to be made.

  • Needs and requirements

ford-63930_640Everyone has requirements and needs that determine the kind of car they want to own. These needs not only need to be present but they should also cover the future.

The functionality of a car should be considered more rather than sleek appearance.

Some of the practical requirements that must be very clear include the carrying capacity for passengers, fuel budget, the terrain where you will need to drive the car and the size of the garage among many other things.

  • Budget

Another important factor that must not be ignored is the car budget.

Budget is crucial in the sense that it might force one to drop some of the requirements they wanted in the car so as to get a car that suits their financial capabilities especially if one is paying cash.

One needs to have a clear financial plan on how to pay for the purchase or lease in case they acquired the car through a loan.

  • Leasing and buying

Both buying and leasing of cars have their advantages and disadvantages but it is wise to appropriately consider the circumstances that surround the need for a car in order to make a sound decision.

Leasing may have very low monthly payments and is good if you need the car for only a short period of time.

  • Car model

The automobile industry has grown in a dynamic way over the last few years.

This means that the market receives new car models every other day.

This means that the car that one has never considered could be the one that perfectly suits their needs.

It is important to compare car models online and also check the new models before making a final decision.

  • Ownership expenses

Any car has its ownership expenses, which are a result of maintenance and fuel ford-498244_640consumption.

A very expensive car could have minimal maintenance and fueling costs therefore making the car to be the most viable option.

However, some cars that are bought at cheaper rates may not be cost effective since they might be having very high maintenance costs.

It is important to consider the overall cost before determining the car that you want to drive.

A car may be cheaper to buy but very expensive to own.

All factors have to be put in place before a decision is made on what car is right for me. This decision has to be made from an all round perspective.

There has to be a balance between the budget and the needs.

There are many authentic automobile dealers online that can help one drive their dream car.…